Set Up to cost us more

Two weeks in the job and we are already set to double up on consultation which will cost ratepayers over $400K a year

The former Mayor and councilors set up 6 Advisory Panels .These were the  Disability Advisory Panel, Ethnic PeoplesAdvisory Panel, Pacific Peoples advisory Panel, Rainbow Communities Advisory Panel, Seniors Advisory Paneland Youth Advisory Panel

At the end of last term, these panels were independently assessed by Martin Jenkins and Associates and were found to be “ neither optimally effective nor optimally efficient “

So what do we do?…approve them again making them less formal.

Panels will now comprise of 6-10 members each andhave a budget of $375,000 paying members for attending workshops and meetings with a further $20,000 per panel for engagement. The Youth Panel will have 20 members.

At the last governing bodymeeting I moved an amendment to the Mayors proposal to delay any set up of the Demographic Advisory Panels until discussion with local boards had taken place. Reason being as Local Boards already have strong community engagement with youth, seniors etc…. and there was the potential to save money with local engagement. That amendment was lost by 5 votes to 16.

“ This is a slap in the face for all those residents associations and community groups who give their opinions freely through local board engagement on both local and regional issues without any expectationor offer of payment” says Cr Desley Simpson